Hotel Corallo

Hotel Corallo, little hotel, set into the green, in a big garden, near by the sea. In behalf of the operator Renata Spanu (until 2015)

  • Different postcard motifs, portrait
  • Different postcard motifs, landscape
  • Webdesign

Domus Manna

Renata Spanu comes from an old sardinian family with a great historie in the sardinian hotel trade. According to her roots, she culivates her heritage by founding hotels and cafe houses on her own with a great relation to sardegna’s culture. For this purpose she founded the label „Domus Manna“ In the region of Nuoro, in Posada she and her husband Piero are running among other things the Caffe Orientale where Ihad the honour to paintthose two „murales“.on the outer walls of the building.

A collage of cover and poster

Over the time a certain collection of case studies like design for book covers or ideas for poster are gathering in my portfolio. From time to time i delet the work i am no longer sure about. But some of these examples survive the cleaning process. Et voila:

Berlin / Ithaka

What if? With this serie of 24 architecture drawings of berlin buildings I represent places, that odysseus, the „smartest of all men“ would have traveled to, when the greek island Ithaka would have been Berlin. In cooperation with the poet Homer.

Burning down the house

Case studies of architecture drawings, performed on wood. The representation of the architecture has been invented while working on the drawings.

Facades and Covers

Case studies of architecture drawings on different book covers. Most of the representations of he buildings have been invented while working on the drawings.

Das Schloss, printed on Clay

Four film stills of an unmade movie „Das Schloss“ von Franz Kafka, printed on clay. The printing was performed in cooperation with the sand media artist Ira Marom, Cologne

Shakespeare at Filmhaus

3D poster, an advertising for a film festival orchestrated by Filmhaus Bielefeld, Shakespeare goes Movies. The object is a painting on a wardrobe with dresses and it hung while the festival at a wall of the entrance hall of the cinema.


180 drawings performed on cloth bags. Each bag has been a unique give-away. In cooperation with the design agency nesseins, Hamburg

Dance and draw

Gender tale about dance and drawing . On the occasion of the exhibition „open studio“ at Kunst Etagen Pankow in may 2014, the dancer and performace artist Maria De Faria and me developed a kind of dance theater play. We builded up a scenery. In focus stood a black box (140 x 140 x 220 cm (l / b / h) Constructional the box consisted of a wooden scaffold, that was covered by black molton. In the wall of each side two tiny openings – two peep holes – have been cutted out. While we were performing inside this box – she was dancing for me and i drew her – the audience could watch us through the peepholes. Since then the peepbox is an ongoing project with changing sceneries.

See the birth of the peepbox