DSV-Ten rules for a seamanship

Illustrations for a brochure, rules and hints to decribe the „art“ of operating a ship or boat.

In behalf of the client Deutscher Seglerverband

DSV-Ten green rules

Illustrations for a brochure to describe the „ten green rules“ , hints and tips how the planning and organization of sailing regattas can be carried out in an environmentally friendly way.

In behalf of the client Deutscher Seglerverband


Illustrations for a book „Ratgeber für Flüchtlinge als Verbraucher*innen“ (Guide for refugees as consumers) with practical tips and hints for daily public life such as contracts with a gym, liability insurance, copyright rules and more. Especially people from non-European countries are addressed. The informations have been written in 3 languages: German, english and arabic.

Shiatsu, drawings

Zen Shiatsu relies on the use of the thumbs, fingers, palms, elbows, knees and feet. Through the treatment of the extended meridian system according to Shizuto Masunaga, through stretching on the person one may achieve elimination of blockages and a very profound relaxation. Zen Shiatsu is performed through loose clothing at ground level.

See more at http://borowski-shiatsu-berlin.eu

  • Portrait Shizuto Masunaga
  • Streching of the leg
  • Treatment of the back
  • Makka-Ho exercises for the meridians lung and big intestine
  • Makka-Ho exercises for the meridians liever and gall bladder

Shiatsu, Paintings

Since 2016 I am in training in a school for Zen-Shiatsu. After my final examination – estimated for june 2019 – I will be a shiatsu practitioner GSD. My further plans are to combine both fields art and shiatsu. These painted images for examples are forming the first ideas. They will appear in a publication, in a book about the „Zen-Shiatsu, the art of touching“ It is a work-in-progress, wherein i will write, draw and paint about my experiences with this Japanese manual form of fullbody treatment.

See more at http://borowski-shiatsu-berlin.eu

  • Diagnose Zone Hara
  • Diagnose Zone Back
  • Course of the meridian lung
  • Belt vessel
  • Part of the bladder meridian, face
  • Part of the stomach meridian, face
  • Part of the gall bladder meridian, head
  • Part of the small intestine meridian, face
  • Tsubo, Yintang

Cooking, Italian recipes

„Chi mangia solo crepa chi mangia in compagnia vive in allegria“ (Who eats alone dies alone, who eats in compagny lives in joy) The bonmot goes back on Giacomo Casanova. The slogan will be the title of a book with italien recipes. This work is in progress and will be published by my own. I am still sampling and drawing. In the meantime I eat –in company of course.

  • Title, favorite sketch
  • Four pages with the final design of the book.
  • Two more sketches for the title
  • Seven Sketches for the presentation of the ingredients or more recipes

Contemporary Fables

Die Verwandlung / Die Wohnung

The first edition of Kafka’s „Die Verwandlung“ (Metamorphosis) in shape of a book appeared 1916. On the title page the readers could see a drawing, a person turned away from an half open door, the hands in front of the face. The gape between the two door wings was black.

While reading this brilliant novel, the appartment itself triggert my curiosity. Following the writers detailed description of the rooms I drew the floor plan.

  • Appartment Family Samsa, floor plan
  • 3-D modell, cardboard painted black
  • Two Metamorphosis of the floor plan
  • Three paintings of the appartment modells
  • Eleven drawings, metamorphosis, drawing on body prints.

Play Golf

Movement studies to improve the swing and pitch in the golf play

Umbrella, Ladder and Hat

Here I show varity of drawings with a black painted background. I do adore such a contrast between dark black and colours.